Monday, 20 March 2017

A wet day for a Parade

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I only did this Friday night (St Patrick’s day) and tweaked it on Saturday. I was surprised how quick the day went! The parade was short but I still managed to lose moat of my day!

The close up crop, I was just messing about with some post-production stuff.

There are a number of mistakes, but like the artist Jake Parker says, “finished not perfect.”

Friday, 17 March 2017

We swim together: Parade float boards

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The two boards I did for the school's float in the St Patrick's day parade (2017). The school's theme was fish swimming together (I guess unity). All the kids were either dressed as fish or holding cardboard fish cutouts. The parents did a great job.

Too bad the weather was crap. It was lashing rain. The parade route was cut short and the whole thing lasted 30 minutes.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The woes of discovering a new follower

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I have seen an artist do a little comic story with this Instagram feature, so I thought I would give it a try. I'm clearly not very creative or funny when it comes to short comic strips. (when it comes to these things, I'm always worried about spelling mistakes. There is probably a few here). 
*I added those little FB stickers which makes the strip a little funnier.

I have noticed more so over the past couple of months that I seem to get followers that are obviously fake accounts. Supposed beautiful women that have a link in their bio to chat with them (I don't click the link, so I can only assume it's a fake site too). I have experienced these kinds of profiles on Twitter and FB too (and as far back as MySpace).
They are clearly fake because the photos are of different random women. I even noticed that two accounts were high jacked. They still had photos of the original owners further down their time line.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Doodle - Mar 14

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WIP / doodle.
I say work in progress, but I probably won't go back to it.
I was trying to play around with a different painting process. I'm a huge fan of digital art that has a painted or traditional look. Way outside my comfort zone.

I didn't spend much time on it. It's more messing around than anything.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Get well card for Gabby

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A friend on twitter told me about a young girl in her small town in Iowa, who had just gotten out of hospital after having surgery for a brain tumour. She now faces a year of chemo too.😥
Thanks to the internet, little Gabby is receiving Get Well cards and postcards from all corners of America and UK. So now she is getting at least one card from Ireland too.
I saw updates on her progress on her mum's FB page. It's incredibly to see her smile after what she is going through.
I was originally going to make it a postcard (it's not very big), but I was worried it would get damaged. Also, the markers I used went straight through the card. So, I just mailed it in an envelope as normal.

Hopefully it will arrive safe and sound and in time for her birthday.

The female character is Viking shieldmaiden Lagertha. On her mum's FB page, someone made a reference to Gabby's hairstyle being similar to that of the Shieldmaidens in the TV show Vikings. Her mum continued to refer to her as a shieldmaiden. Appropriately, considering the bravery and strength needed to get through this.

A random leprechaun, because why not?
R2D2 and Bob the minion: I saw these a few times in photos and a video, so I'm assuming she really likes them (they were by her side in hospital).

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Doodle - Mar 2

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I have been asked again to paint two boards for the local school's entry in the St Patrick's day parade.
We will see how that goes over the next week or so.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Doodle - Mar 1

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It's March "of the Robots." I thought I would give it a shot to get me back into a routine. The problem is I don't tend to draw robots or any kind of machinery. So, this could be extremely challenging and I might give up...
I probably won't try to do one every day because it could take me 2 or so days to get them looking right.

This is a poor attempt for day 1.
I was kinda inspired by the robot that is gaining attention lately -the one that is able to balance itself on two wheeled legs and its "arms" (which look more like the legs of a chair) act as a kind of counter balance.